AQUATIC INVASIVE SPECIES (AIS) is a serious and growing problem across our country, particularly where there is a concentration of waterways. It is important for each of us to help increase awareness of AIS and share responsibility for controlling their spread.

The Northwest Montana Lakes Volunteer Monitoring Network is a partnership between Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks, the Flathead Basin Commission and the Whitefish Lake Institute. We encourage you to get involved and volunteer in this effort! 

Curly Leaf Pondweed has spread dramatically since a member of Swan Lakers brought it’s presence in Eagle Bend Marina to the attention of authorities in 2011. It is now in several homeowner channels on the river, and at several locations on Flathead Lake’s west shore. Removal is taking place, but the challenge is large and the risk of spreading to Swan Lake by LOCAL boaters is exponentially greater. Beaver Lake (near Whitefish) also had an outbreak of Eurasion Millfoil in 2012.

Click on links to view maps of Flathead Lake Curly Leaf Pondweed:

  • FlatheadCLP 2013
  • FlatheadLakeandRiverCurlyLeafPondweed 2011

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